The lady is a side character in "Reason and Emotion." She is where we see female versions of the titular characters.

She appears to be the crush of Junior. She is just standing at a bus station, applying lipstick to her lips, much to Junior's fascination.

When Junior (or, rather, his Emotion) calls her a babe and asks her if she is going his way, she gasps in offense and slaps him in the face. When that is done and the narrator asks for permission to borrow her head, she allows him to look inside to see her own Reason and Emotion. Miss Emotion tells her she shouldn't have slapped Junior because he was cute, and asks if she wants to be an old maid, but Miss Reason tells her to remember that they are a lady, much to her irritation... so much she wants to have fun. Miss Emotion decides the way to have fun would be to eat for pleasure, but the lady is not really hungry; however, Miss Reason suggests something light like tea and toast. Miss Emotion insists on lots of junk food, such as a club sandwich, lots of mayonnaise, potato salad, ice cream, and the like, forcing Miss Reason out of the way, despite her objections, as she is on a diet. Because Miss Emotion causes the lady to eat excessively, she gets fat, much to Miss Reason's dismay.