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"Lack of Education" is a song sung in The Fox and the Hound with music and lyrics by Jim Stafford, and is performed by Pearl Bailey.

A song about how if Tod plays with Copper he will be hunted by Amos Slade because Copper has to hunt like he was told. The education is knowing the fact that Copper will become a hunting dog, the elimination is the hunting of Tod that will happen when he doesn't listen to Big Mama and plays with Copper, anyway.


Big Mama:
You listen good Tod, because it's either education or elimination!

Now, if you're so foxy and old Chief is so dumb
Then why does that hound get the fox on the run?
'Cause he's got the hunter -
and the hunter's got the gun
Ka-blam, elimination!
Lack of education!

If you pal around with that Copper hound
You'll wind up hanging on the wall
Keep you nose to the wind -
and you keep your skin
'Cause you won't be home -
when the hunter comes to call

Oh, Big Mama, I know Copper would never track me down.
Well, Copper, he's my best friend.

Big Mama:
Ho ho, your best friend!
Now, Copper's gonna do what he's been told.
Suppose he won't chase no fox in no fox hole?
Along comes the hunter with a buck shot load.

Boomer: Ka-ka-blam!

Big Mama:

Lack of education!

Big Mama:
You better believe it, Tod! Yessiree!

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