The LK-E is a Mecha-Beast model built in the The Great Western Mech Forge. This new model is one of the fastest Mechas ever built. Eli Shane owns such a model, and has nicknamed it "Lucky".

Both Will Shane and Jimmo Shane used an LK-E model mecha; it is possible that all three are actually the same mecha, serving as the official mount of The Shane and getting passed down through their family.

The LK-E model features an upgraded Turbine Heart, which is extra efficient at converting ambient slug energy into fuel using molecular transference. Its wolf-frame chassis was designed for speed as well as power, making the LK-E one of the fastest and most versatile models ever built by the Great Western Forge.


Eli Shane's personal Mecha-Beast. It has various upgrades and modifications provided by Kord Zane. It has an aquatic mode to travel over water, a glider mode to slow descent in long drops, and a motorcycle mode as of "Upgrade".

It has been seen that Lucky has been passed down from Jimmo Shane to Eli.