The LGS-250 was a
subliquid and flying vehicle specially designed for miniature body exploration operated by MET for each purposes. It was featured in Body Wars, at Wonders of Life pavilion at EPCOT.


LGS-250 consisted in a trapez-shaped structure with rounded corners with a pointy nose and a perpendicular windscreen that reached the roof in the front, the main structure also featured a  pair of fins inclined down that are large and hydrodynamic enough to resist large fluid-flow pressures.

In the inside it featured a 2-seater cockpit for crew and explorers and a 30-passenger cabin for scientifics and doctors (park visitors if talking outside of the canon), it also had a transparent bubble on the top that worked as a sealed door that allowed acces to the inside and outside of the vehicle while being inside of the body fluids.

The LGS-250 was propelled by two engines, one located in the back for forward and reverse propulsion and another at the bottom for hovering through the air outside of any body fluid. Both of them had the same width from the vehicle's main structure.