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Kylie Kramer is a character and antagonist in Liv & Maddie. She appears in the episode "Steal-A-Rooney".



Kylie is a bad girl who likes to ditch school and steal. She attends Ridgewood High. She is possibly in 10th grade along with Liv and Maddie. She is known for being bad at school, and has no regard for the law as shown in "Steal-A-Rooney". Since Liv has no friends, she makes friends with Kylie. Kylie gets Liv tricked into ditching school and stealing sunglasses. When security goes off, Maddie comes strolling in, and the store manager sees her and thinks she stole the glasses.

Physical appearance

Kylie has brown eyes, brown hair and a typical "bad girl" look. Her clothes are usually rebellious and dark-colored.

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