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Disney's Kurze Pause, (Disney's Short Break) is a German sitcom series broadcast on the Disney Channel Germany since 2006. It is a German adaptation of the Disney Channel Italy Original Series Quelli dell'intervallo, with no firm scheduling except for its Sunday broadcast. It consists of vignettes approximately five to eight minutes long.


  • Moritz (Mo) - played by Bela Klentze
  • Philip (Flip) - played by Benjamin Trinks
  • Julia - played by Isabella Soric
  • Katarina (Kata) - played by Sophie Belcredi
  • Eberhard (Streberhard) - played by Lukas Nathrath
  • Nico - played by Constantin
  • Anton (Tonne) - played by Roland Schreglmann
  • DJ - played by Lea Kalbhenn
  • Rocky - played by Laelia Platzer
  • Spy - played by Tobias Core
  • Lilli - played by Julia Eggert
  • Luca - played by Sabin Tambrea (Season 2-)
  • Stella - played by Amy Mußul (Season 3-)

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