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Krzysztof Tyniec (born February 5, 1956 in Nowa Ruda, Poland) - is a Polish film, theatre and voice actor, dancer and conferencier. In 80's he starring as Mr. Bean (polish: Pan Fasola) in Polish music shows for children, such as "Fasola" & "Tik-Tak". He was too a show host for two polish game shows: "Idź na całość" (a polish version of "Let's Make a Deal") and "Koło fortuny" (a polish version of "Wheel of Fortune"). He winning a fifth edition of polish Show "Taniec z gwiazdami" (a polish version of "Dancing with the Stars").

He's best known as Goofy, Genie and Timon in Disney TV shows, except The Lion Guard (Timon was voiced by swcond polish voice actor, Wojciech Paszkowski). Other role is Gusto Gummi from "Adventures of the Gummi Bears".

Disney Roles

As Goofy:

As Genie:

As Timon:

Other Disney Roles

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