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So he's a bit of a fixer upper, but this we're certain of; you can fix this fixer upper up with a little bit of love!
―The Trolls to Anna about Kristoff

Kristoff is the tritagonist of Disney's 2013 animated feature film, Frozen. He is a Sámi ice harvester who later becomes the travel companion and love interest of Princess Anna, during the events of her quest to find Elsa the Snow Queen.


Kristoff was orphaned at a young age, and placed in an orphanage thereafter. He was nevertheless too adventurous and free-spirited to be contained in such a facility; he spent a majority of his time sneaking out and exploring the wilderness around him. With a fascination of ice, Kristoff also occupied his time by tagging behind Arendelle's team of ice harvesters to observe their ethics in hopes of garnering their skill and eventually becoming an ice harvester, himself.[1]

In the midst of this, Kristoff would rescue a reindeer fawn. He subsequently named the fawn Sven, and the two remained by one another's side ever since.[2]

Official Description

Kristoff is a true outdoorsman. He lives high up in the mountains where he harvests ice and sells it to the kingdom of Arendelle. Rough around the edges, Kristoff's the strong, no-nonsense type, who follows his own set of rules. He may seem like a loner, but he always has his best friend by his side—a loyal and extremely mangy reindeer named Sven.


During his first proper introduction in the film, Kristoff is presented as a miserly loner, with a lack of respect for those around him—specifically in terms of personal boundaries and sensitivity. This is a direct result of growing up with a family of mythical creatures and wildlife, as opposed to other humans. Though his upbringing included a large family, and at least one close friend, Kristoff tends to look out, mostly, for himself, and can be rather selfish from time to time because of this, with his focus primarily on his ice business and life up on the mountains. The ice harvesters spent a large portion of his early life within the mountains because of this, becoming a individualist and avid survivor in the wilderness, and constantly proving himself to be self-reliant and efficient when facing various perils throughout the course of the original film.

In spite of his loner nature, and dislike for society, Kristoff has a loving heart, and at his core, is rather harmless, innocent, and protective. This is first evidenced by his relationship with his reindeer and best friend, Sven, whom he treats as his pet and closest friend, and is shown to value the reindeer's life above his own several times. Kristoff's inner softness and loving aura is further emphasized by his family, the trolls, who reveal Kirstoff to be, despite his various flaws and shortcomings, sensitive and sweet when given the same treatment, which he proves through his friendship, and eventual relationship with Anna.

Through Anna, Kristoff is shown to be loving, respectful, and completely selfless and sacrificial. Eventually falling for the princess' fun-loving nature, selflessness, and persistence, Kristoff allows himself to open up to the world around him, revealing himself to be rather bashful and quirky, mirroring Anna's personality. Also as a result of his love for Anna, Kristoff is willing to risk his own life and happiness, without hesitation, all in hopes of the former's own happiness. This ties into a pivotal line featured in the film: "Love is putting someone else's needs before yours..."; which was directly used to reference Kristoff's willingness to conceal his affections for Anna, for the sake of the princess' possible future with another. He also mirrors Anna in his quirkiness, best evidenced by his relationship with Sven, as the two have been shown to nonchalantly share food, "sing" duets, and engage in "conversations". The latter examples are driven by Kristoff's habit to literally voice Sven's thoughts in a gruff, goofy, exaggerated tone—a further example of his peculiar traits.

Quite notably, midst a cast of colorful and larger-than-life characters in a world to match, Kristoff appears to be more of a straight-man, reacting to the various, mystical situations he and the other characters encounter, with a generally down-to-earth viewpoint. Though not pessimist, he acts more of a realist, in regards to this, though his care for others ultimately leads to him performing death-defying acts for the greater good.

In the sequel short, Frozen Fever, Kristoff's softer side is shown to have grown, and become a more prominent side of his personality. With Anna's sister, Elsa, he is shown to be fairly laid-back, comforting, and encouraging, looking on the brighter side of a situation, no matter the level of importance. Nevertheless, he is still shown to become flustered around Anna, as a result of his affections for her.

Physical description

Kristoff's build is a distinct variation on most male leads in Disney animated features (Hans is a perfect example of the traditional stature). On the flip side, Kristoff has broad shoulders and a muscular build. His build is a realistic consequence of his rough life as a mountain-dwelling ice harvester.

Kristoff is rugged and 21 years old, the same age as Elsa, at the time of the movie. Like the sisters, he has blond hair (more golden than Anna's strawberry-blonde hair, but not as pale as Elsa's platinum blonde hair) which is later described as "unmanly" by the trolls (in the song "Fixer Upper"). He also has light brown eyes, and fair skin with a few freckles across his nose. His nose is quite big and his cheeks tend to redden a lot, because of the cold weather.

At the beginning of the film (when he is a child), his outfit consists of a royal purple long-sleeved shirt, dark trousers and a purple sash. When we next see him as an adult, he is wearing a thick dark tunic with a fur-lined burgundy dark crimson collar and a blue patch on his right elbow, a burgundy sash tied around his waist, a dark blue long-sleeved undershirt, olive mittens, thick dark trousers, a dark bobble-hat (which he later gives to Anna when she is freezing to death) and fur-lined dark brown boots with pointed toes. At the end of the film, he wears pretty much the same outfit, minus the thick tunic and gloves, because it has become much warmer.



Kristoff's Beginnings

Cuties... I'm gonna keep you!
―Bulda upon adopting Kristoff and Sven

Young Krstoff and Sven being adopted by Bulda.

At the start of the film, Kristoff is an 8-year old orphan, seen as an apprentice to ice harvesters. Throughout the course of an evening, he and Sven work together to obtain their own block of ice and, after much struggle, manage to do so just as the workday comes to an end. During the night, Kristoff is falling behind the other harvesters when two horses, carrying King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, Elsa, and an unconscious Anna, rush by him at high speed; the grass freezing behind the horse carrying Elsa. Curious, Kristoff follows them into a clearing and discovers a valley inhabited by trolls. He and Sven watch from a distance as Grand Pabbie heals Anna by erasing her memories of Elsa's ice powers. As they spy, they are discovered by one of the trolls, Bulda, and she decides to adopt them on the spot. From there, Kristoff and Sven are raised by the trolls.

Thirteen years later, Kristoff has grown into a well-built ice harvester, selling ice alongside Sven, in the middle of summer during the coronation of Princess Elsa; in the heart of Arendelle's city.

Meeting Anna

The only one crazy enough to be out in this storm is you, dear. [Krisotff enters the room] ...You and this fellow.
―Oaken to Anna.

Kristoff meeting Anna at Oaken's shop.

On the night of Elsa's coronation, the newly-crowned queen is revealed to be a mistress of ice and snow, which terrifies the people of Arendelle, forcing Elsa to flee the kingdom and force herself into isolation amongst the mountains; specifically the North Mountain. As she does so, she accidentally curses the land by trapping it in an eternal winter. Kristoff notices this and travels with Sven to Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna to purchase items for the unstable weather conditions, running into an adult Anna during his visit. During a casual conversation with Oaken, Anna makes an attempt to find clues to Elsa's whereabouts, as she's seeking her out in hopes of ending the winter, though Kristoff pays no real mind to the princess.

While Anna waits patiently for further questioning, Kristoff gets into an argument with Oaken when he doesn't have enough money for the axe, rope, and carrots that he wants to purchase, and gets thrown out when he makes the mistake of calling Oaken a crook. Kristoff decides to crash in a nearby shed with Sven for the night. However, his plans change when Anna, having eavesdropped on Kristoff's conversation with Oaken and deduced that Elsa is on the North Mountain, buys the materials Kristoff wanted, and offers them to him in exchange for transportation. He agrees to take her in the morning, but she demands they leave in that moment, which he agrees to after she reveals that she has also purchased Sven's carrots.

The Journey

Hold up! We're coming!
―Kristoff agreeing to aid Anna, despite having the chance to back out

Sven convincing Kristoff to stay with Anna.

As the trio head off, Kristoff inquires Elsa's reasoning behind freezing the entire kingdom. He's incredulous at Anna falling for Hans and wanting to marry him within hours of meeting him. The conversation is cut short when a pack of hungry wolves attack them. They manage to evade the wolves by jumping over a chasm, but the sled is lost, plummeting to the bottom of the cliff, along with the supplies. After taking a few moments to recover from the scare, and after seeing the trouble she's caused, Anna offers recovery for the lost sled and supplies, in addition to continuing her search alone, in hopes of saving Kristoff and Sven from any further turmoil. As she prepares to leave, Sven urges Kristoff to continue aiding her, though the mountain man expresses apprehensions in fear of further danger. However, knowing Anna would die on her travels should she endure them alone, Kristoff makes the decision to continue forth, by her side, to help aid and protect the princess throughout the remainder of the journey, much to Sven's delight.

The following day, the group comes across a talking snowman named Olaf, who dreams of experiencing summer. Knowing the consequences of this dreams, Kristoff sadistically shows the desire to reveal exactly what happens to snow during the summer season, but a protective Anna prevents him from doing so. Olaf's dream aside, the snowman also knows the location of the Snow Queen, and offers himself as the group's guide, to which Anna and Kristoff accept. After a bit of travel, the group finally arrives at the Ice Palace, leaving Kristoff in awe at the beauty ice is capable of forming. In spite of this, Kristoff is forced to remain outside per Anna's wishes, as she wouldn't want Elsa to cause more havoc at the sight of a man by the former's side (referring to the debacle with Hans). Kristoff expressed grief over the matter, wanting to explore the ice palace out of admiration, but eventually abides and waits patiently outside alongside Olaf. Kristoff enters the ice palace upon hearing commotion, which appears to have resulted in Anna being struck in the heart. Kristoff remains by her side as Elsa orders the group to leave, which Kristoff tries to oblige to out of fear, though Anna refuses to leave the palace without her sister.

Tumblr n1r2zyXFEx1ry7whco6 1280

Kristoff and Anna escaping Marshmallow.

This forces Elsa to create a giant snow monster named Marshmallow to forcefully throw the group out. Kristoff simply accepts Marhsmallow's rudeness, but Anna retaliates by throwing a snowball at the beast, which immediately angers him. Kristoff and Anna rush down the mountain while being hotly pursued by Marshmallow. Throughout the chase, Kristoff continuously goes out of his way to protect Anna, proving his selflessness, and is evidently highly impressed by her self-sufficiency against the snow beast. Once they reach the cliff of a mountain, the ice harvester creates a snow anchor for the two to safely travel down, though Marshmallow grabs hold of the rope and slowly pulls them to their doom. Kristoff tries to free Anna, but is briefly knocked unconscious in the process, leaving Anna to save them both by cutting the rope with Kristoff's knife.

The two land safely on a blanket of snow below, and are reunited by Olaf and Sven. After Kristoff assists Anna in getting back onto her feet, the two share a loving glance in mutual gratitude for their previous actions. Unfortunately, this is short lived, as Anna starts to panic over Elsa's refusal to cooperate, with the storm still going strong. She couples her anxiety with the fact that the blizzard will result in the failure of Kristoff's ice business, to which the latter replies by calmly assuring his ice business is no longer a priority; revealing his will to help Anna is out of genuine care, as opposed to a more selfish desire. Just then, Kristoff notices Anna's hair beginning to turn white, and deduces the phenomenon is due to Elsa striking Anna in the heart. Fortunately, Kristoff believes he has a solution, and leads the gang to the Valley of the Living Rock, where the trolls reside.

Family Reunion

Kristoff's home!

Kristoff and Anna's "Fixer Upper" wedding.

Along the way, Kristoff's appears to have abolished his defenses, and starts to open up to Anna by revealing his past, including how he and Sven were lonely orphans until they were taken in by their adoptive family, which Anna is touched by. Though he loves his family, Kristoff warns Anna that they can be rather overbearing, stubborn, and loud at times, to which Anna responds by claiming they sound wonderful. With his insecurities somewhat lowered, Kristoff introduces Anna and Olaf to his family, who are currently dormant as rocks. Anna and Olaf assume Kristoff is mentally unstable, and make an attempt to leave until the rocks finally reveal themselves to be sentient trolls. A warm reunion follows, as Grand Pabbie, who Kristoff is searching for to help Anna, is said to be asleep. The trolls then notice Anna standing by, and Bulda immediately assumes her to be Kristoff's girlfriend. The two deny any romance, but Bulda and the trolls try to convince them otherwise, telling them they're meant for each other. They arrange an entire wedding, but before it is complete, Anna nearly faints and loses balance, with Kristoff catching her in his arms and anxiously informing the trolls she's freezing cold. Pabbie, although he is powerful, is unable to heal her, and he tells them that unless Anna can perform an act of true love, she'll freeze and die. Bulda believes the act of true love would perhaps be "true love's kiss," which prompts Kristoff to take Anna back to Arendelle so she may receive a kiss from Hans, her supposed true love.

Race Back to Arendelle

Kristoff solemnly accepting his love for Anna.

They reach Arendelle, and Kristoff sadly relinquishes her to Hans' care, believing that she will be truly happy with him. He then leaves Arendelle, visibly depressed. Unbeknownst to him, Hans doesn't really love Anna, as he was only using her to become the king of Arendelle, thus denying her a kiss and leaving her to die in a locked room within the castle. Afterwards, Olaf, who got separated from the group during their arrival in the city, finds Anna lying in the library freezing, and starts a fire to lessen her curse until an alternative plan comes to mind. Meanwhile, as Kristoff sadly returns into the mountains, believing he is of no further use to Anna with Hans around, once more, Sven stubbornly prevents them, urging Kristoff to return to Arendelle to confess his true feelings towards Anna. An equally stubborn Kristoff denies, claiming there's no point now that the princess is with her true love, admitting his feelings aloud.

Suddenly, a giant snowstorm (created by a frightened Elsa) begins to form and Kristoff, realizing Anna is in danger, quickly rush back to save her. Olaf sees the two heading back, and tells Anna that Kristoff is the one that truly loves her, and that it is his kiss that can save her. Meanwhile, needing her killed to put an end to the winter, Hans follows Elsa (who was captured and imprisoned within the castle, but managed to escape) into the fjord as she tries to return to her ice palace. Anna and Olaf arrive in the fjord as well, but Elsa's mounting fear causes a harsh blizzard, speeding up Anna's dying process as the climate continues to drop.

Summer Returns

A distraught Kristoff upon finding a freezing Anna on the fjord.

Once the blizzard clears, Kristoff is able to spot Anna, and rushes to her across the fjord. Anna, in turn, spots Kristoff from a distance, but she notices Hans and Elsa not too far away, as well, where the evil prince is seconds away from murdering the Snow Queen with his sword. Sacrificing her life for her sister, Anna takes one final look at Kristoff before leaping to the rescue, putting herself between Elsa and Hans, and freezing to death seconds before the sword hits her. The sword shatters against Anna's frozen hand, and Hans is knocked out from the impact just as Elsa realizes what happened. She tearfully mourns her sister, as Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, who have just arrived, watch sadly from a short distance.

However, Anna's sacrifice was an act of true love (for her sister), and she is soon revived from her death, much to everyone's complete joy. Along with Anna's revival comes the entire kingdom's thawing when Elsa realizes she needs to harness the power of love to end the eternal winter. As Hans awakens, Kristoff's ready to beat him up for what he did. But Anna stops him, and punches Hans herself, knocking him overboard. Afterwards, the two sisters solidify their reunion with a hug, and in during which, Anna looks lovingly, and appreciatively, to Kristoff.


Kristoff and Anna's blossoming romance.

After peace is restored to the kingdom, Anna leads a blindfolded Kristoff to the docks. She removes the blindfold, and Kristoff sees a new sleigh promised by Anna. Kristoff attempts to deny the offer, but Anna tells him that there is no taking back, as Elsa has named him the "official Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer." Ecstatic at the gift, Kristoff thanks Anna, openly voicing his euphoria to the point where he desires to kiss the princess. After receiving one on the cheek, and her consent, Kristoff pulls Anna into a soft kiss on the lips, initiating their romantic relationship.

Krisoff is last seen skating with Sven, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and the others during the finale after Elsa creates an ice skating rink in the castle courtyard, celebrating her return as queen, as well as the return of summer.

Frozen Fever

Frozen Fever 37

Kristoff in Frozen Fever.

On the day of Anna's birthday, Kristoff is enlisted to assist Elsa in throwing a surprise party and bestowing a perfect birthday upon the princess (even taking a shower in preparation for the event). As Elsa prepares the cake in the castle courtyard, Kristoff and Sven handle the decorations, notably the banner. Though Elsa feels anxious about the event, the perfectionist inside of her causing distress, Kristoff serves as a token of optimism, and reassures the Snow Queen that all is well. Eventually, it's time to awaken Anna, and Kristoff is left in charge to ensure the festivities and decorations remain intact during Elsa's absence. After the Snow Queen's departure, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven eventually fall asleep as they await the queen and princess' return, only to be awakened by miniature baby-snowmen known as the Snowgies, whom immediately begin causing mayhem around the courtyard.

Flustered, Kristoff immediately takes action, with Sven and Olaf following behind. However, the Snowgies prove to be elusive, and they soon spot the birthday cake, instantly marking it as their delectable target. Noticing this, Kristoff ensures the cake remains in piece, but as the day goes along and more Snowgies randomly appear, the decorations are individually ruined. Even so, by the time Anna and Elsa arrive, the Snowgies have been tamed and the decorations restored as the surprise party kicks off. Kristoff greets Anna with a soft smile, and wishes her a happy birthday, as well as excitingly proclaiming his love for her, before the cake is distributed by Sven.

At the end of the short, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf travel to the North Mountain to move the Snowgies in with Marshmallow, in Elsa's ice palace.

Live-action appearances

Once Upon a Time

Kristoff Once

Kristoff in Once Upon a Time.

Kristoff appears in the fourth season of Once Upon a Time along with Anna and Elsa and is played by actor Scott Michael Foster.

Taking place two years after the events of the film, and approximately a year before the first Dark Curse, Kristoff and Anna are engaged to be married.

After discovering their parents were heading off to a land known as Mist Haven for an unspecified reason revolving Elsa, Anna boards a ship heading for the mysterious land alone, leaving Kristoff behind to both keep Elsa company and keep her distracted. After searching for Anna for a short while, Elsa confronts Kristoff and Sven on her whereabouts. Kristoff attempts to hold the fort, but Elsa eventually realizes the truth and heads out to Arendelle's port in order to stop her sister from journeying off alone. Kristoff follows behind, but by the time they arrive, Anna has already departed.

Some times during Anna's quest in the Enchanted Forest, Elsa begins to feel worried for her sister's safety. Kristoff, however, is confident that Anna will be fine. When one of the scouts reported that Hans and his twelve brothers are approaching Arendelle from the Southern Mountains, Kristoff offers to sneak into the mountains to spy on them, only for Elsa to insist that, as the ruling Queen of Arendelle, she should handle the situation herself. Nevertheless, Kristoff decides to go against her decision and sneak into the Southern Mountains with Sven. He managed to find their campsite and eavesdrop on the princes' new plan to take over Arendelle. He returns to Elsa and informed her that they are planning to use a special urn that can trap people like Elsa with magical powers. He suggested to have a few soldiers accompanied him to the North Valley to find and destroy the urn before Hans and his brothers find it first. On Elsa's insistent, he should take only her. They travel to the North Valley, where the urn is hidden in a cave. Upon finding it, Hans and three of his brothers arrived and surround them. Hans holds Kristoff hostage and demands Elsa to surrender the urn. Elsa eventually gives Hans the urn, and tells Kristoff to go find Anna and save Arendelle. As he's held captive by one of Hans' brothers, Kristoff could only watch as the evil prince uncaps the urn and pours out a living white liquid substance that will supposedly trap Elsa. However, instead of latching onto Elsa, the liquid moves to a isolated spot next to her and morphs into the Snow Queen. Kristoff and Elsa watch as the Snow Queen turns Hans into an ice statue, as the result of his insult in calling Elsa a monster, while his brothers flee the scene. Though the Snow Queen is wary of Kristoff, Elsa convinced her that he is her ally.

Prior to Anna's return from the Enchanted Forest, Kristoff tries to get a moody Sven to eat his carrots. Exasperated, he wonders out loud what's wrong with him. Anna then appears at the stable's doorway, having returned from her trip through her temporary control of Rumplestiltskin's dagger, and suggest that the reindeer probably missed her. Overjoyed by her return, Kristoff embraces Anna in a hug and they share a kiss.

Later, Anna was discussing with Kristoff about her introduction to the Snow Queen, Ingrid, revealed to be her and Elsa's aunt. Though doubtful about Ingrid's family ties, since she isn't found in any of the family portraits or records. Unbeknown to both, the suspicions are correct. After Anna is released from Ingrid's magic spell, where she unexpectedly imprisoned Elsa in the urn while blinded by her anger, the Snow Queen furiously moves to choke her only to be stopped by an intervening Kristoff, armed with his ice pick. Kristoff and Anna can only stand idly by as Ingrid, after being consumed with disgust and remarks how the two are looking at her like a monster, turns the couple into frozen statues as Arendelle itself also ices over.

30 years after being frozen in a state of suspended animation, Kristoff, Anna, and the kingdom of Arendelle finally thawed out as the result of Ingrid casting her Spell of Shattered Sight in Storybrooke. While they were discussing on rescuing Elsa from Rumplestiltskin, they were confronted by an unfrozen Hans and his brothers, who had just declared Arendelle as his kingdom. Feigning that Anna had dethrone her sister, Hans had the couple arrested for treason, but Kristoff and Anna, after pretending they surrender, managed to fight their way out and escape.

After escaping the castle, Kristoff and Anna decide to go to the pirate Blackbeard to look for the wishing star. When they get to Blackbeard, they say they will pay for the wishing star in his weight in gold. Hans and his brothers suddenly appear and tell Anna and Kristoff that the whole thing was a set up. Hans then had the two tied up and placed in a large trunk, where he had them toss overboard at the bottom of a spot in the sea called Poseidon's Boneyard, where Anna and Elsa's parent died several years prior. Though the trunk is filling up with water fast, Kristoff managed to free himself and Anna from the binds. Thinking this is the end for them, Anna begin reciting her marriage vows to him. He assures her that they will marry once they escape. With the trunk almost completely filled up with water, they proclaim their love for each other and prepare to meet their fate. Fortunately, through Elsa wishing that she could know what happened to her sister and that she could see her again, the trunk they're in are magically transported to Storybrooke. After reuniting with Elsa, and meeting Emma Swan, the group head to the sheriff's office. Finally, the inhabitants of Storybrooke brace themselves as the curse falls upon the town and begins to take its effect. Although Anna, Elsa and Emma will be immune to the curse, Kristoff, after trying to resist, looks at Anna one last time before he's affected.

Later, an affected Regina, in her Evil Queen attire, arrived at the sheriff's station originally hunting down Emma, but finds Kristoff, Anna, Mary Margaret and David instead. Before she duels with Mary Margaret, Regina teleported Anna and Kristoff to the beachfront. Frustrated, Kristoff gives up on the current situation and attempt to swim back to Arendelle, only to be knocked out by Anna using the bottle that contains her mother's message. The message Anna found would eventually convinced Ingrid to end the curse, but at the expense of her own life.

With Ingrid now dead, Kristoff, Anna and Elsa return home. After returning to their kingdom and reclaiming it from Hans, Anna and Kristoff eventually got married.

Printed media

Kristoff printed material

Kristoff has appeared in numerous books, comics, and other forms of printed material centering the film; most of which take place after the events of the original movie, and focuses on the mountain man's relationship with Anna and Elsa, usually in a comedic light, such as in the various Frozen comic stories featured in the official magazine.

Anna Is Our Babysitter

Kristoff and Anna are the focus of this story, where Grand Pabbie and the trolls must leave the Valley of the Living Rock for a congress of magic, leaving the infant trolls in the hands of Kristoff and Anna, as Pabbie and Bulda believe they are trustworthy. During their brief meeting, before the trolls' departure, Anna learns a few embarrassing stories about Kristoff's youth, much to the mountain man's dismay. Throughout the night Kristoff and Anna are met with various obstacles but by working together with Sven and Olaf, the team manages to take great care of the baby trolls.

Olaf and Sven on Thin Ice

Kristoff plays a large role in the story, where Olaf (believing Kristoff is planning to take a day off to spend time with Anna) temporarily takes the mantle of Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer, forcing the mountain man to follow the snowman's tracks to prevent any chaos.

Spring Fever

In this story, it is learned that Kristoff has had a lingering dream of competing against follow ice harvesters in the annual "Ice Games", which acts as an Olympic-esque event for ice harvesters, and their families. Unfortunately, only humans can participate, and since Kristoff's only friends were Sven and the trolls, he was repeatedly ineligible to participate. Upon hearing this, however, Anna and Elsa make the decision to join Kristoff's team, to finally bring his dream to fruition.

Disney Parks

Kristoff Character Central

Kristoff posing for a photo at one of the Disney parks.

Kristoff makes various, special appearances at the Disney theme parks, though he is currently unavailable for meet-and-greets; when asked about him, Anna and Elsa mention that he is back in Arendelle.


Kristoff appears briefly in the winter renditions of Disney California Adventure's nighttime spectacular World of Color. He also appears in in the 2015 rendition of the show, alongside Anna.

Walt Disney World Resort

On July 5, 2014, Kristoff made his Disney theme park debut at Disney's Hollywood Studios during the Frozen Summer Fun event. Here, Kristoff appears in the Frozen Royal Welcome introductory parade, the Frozen Sing Along show (where the story of the film is told with live accompaniment in the form of Kristoff, Anna and Elsa) and the finale fireworks display. He appears during identical events in Disneyland Paris.

Kristoff also takes part in Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party in 2014.

During these events, the ice harvester also appears during A Frozen Holiday Wish show, serving as the host alongside Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

Kristoff will also appear in the upcoming Frozen Ever After, in Epcot.

At Disney's Blizzard Beach, Kristoff and Olaf will host the Frozen Games in the summer of 2016.[3] He will don his summer wear for the first time in the parks during this event.

Tokyo Disney Resort

In Tokyo Disneyland, Kristoff appears during the 2016 parade for Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy, featured on his own float—shared with Anna and Sven—modeled after the sleigh Anna gifted him with at the end of the film.

Disneyland Paris

In France, Kristoff appears in Disney Dreams!.

Shanghai Disneyland

In the China park, Kristoff's likeness appears on the Frozen mosaic mural inside of the Enchanted Storybook Castle. He also makes an apparance during the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration show in the Fantasyland theater.


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  • Ice Harvesting is a seasonal occupation that does best during the summer months; men who take up such jobs often have problems finding enough money to live on during their 'off' season. It is implied that Kristoff has no permanent place of residence and is financially challenged. A line from Disney on Ice Presents Frozen, where Kristoff says he comes from "nowhere in particular" suggests this. Additionally, in original drafts, Kristoff only helped Anna out because of the money.
  • Across Europe, there are stories of Changelings and Fetches - when Trolls steal a human child and replace them, sometimes with fairies, and sometimes a log of enchanted wood that becomes 'sick' and dies. The stories include that the Trolls were particularly attracted to blond hair and beauty, and often treated the stolen child as one of their own. In return, they gave the child (sometimes the Changeling; sometimes the Fetch) gifts such as strength, stamina, or an affinity for the wild. This is very similar to what happened to Kristoff, which would make him a Fetch (the stolen child).
  • According to the director/writer Jennifer Lee, Kristoff is 21, the same age as Elsa.
  • It should be noted that Kristoff's current design is much like an early design for Flynn Rider from Tangled, known as "Bear Flynn" or "Bastion". That design was bulky, largely-built, and that version of Flynn Rider was sweet and charming. Later, Flynn became suave and dashing, while Kristoff is sweet and introverted, but both are of the Loner archetype.
  • Both Kristoff's voice actor (Jonathan Groff) and Elsa's voice actress (Idina Menzel) have been recurring characters on the FOX television series Glee. Groff played Jesse St. James, a love interest to the character of Rachel Berry. Menzel played Rachel's mother, and the vocal coach of Jesse's Glee Club, Vocal Adrenaline.
  • Although it was not mentioned in the film, Kristoff's last name, Bjorgman, was confirmed in the Essential Guide. In Scandinavian, 'Bjorg' means 'help' or 'salvation'.
  • Due to time, a scene featuring Kristoff climbing, using his pickaxe all over the mountain cliffs, was deleted.
  • Apparently, Kristoff does not have very good hygiene; in one of his voice-overs for Sven, "Sven" admits Kristoff does not smell better than a reindeer. Also, the trolls mentions in the song "Fixer Upper" that "though we know he washes well, he always ends up sort of smelly" and how he "tinkles in the woods" and "has a couple of bugs." He also shares carrots with Sven, allowing Sven to take a bite, then taking a bite himself - when he is seen briefly in Arendelle with Sven, Sven takes the whole carrot in his mouth, but Kristoff tells him to share. Sven then spits part of the carrot out (now saliva-covered), and Kristoff takes a bite from it.
  • According to the book Olaf and Sven on Thin Ice, Kristoff once fell into the frozen lake trying go get ice when he was younger. After this, the other ice harvesters called him Icicle.
  • Kristoff 'dubs' Sven saying "People will beat you and hurt you and cheat you; every one of them's bad, except you." Sven seems to agree. This strongly suggests that Kristoff has had some very bad experiences with other humans.
  • In the credits of Frozen, there is a disclaimer which states that Kristoff's views are his own views and do not represent the views of the filmmakers or The Walt Disney Company as inferred from when he asks Anna, "What if you hate the way he eats? What if you hate the way he picks his nose?" Anna counters, "Excuse me, sir, he is a prince!" Kristoff's response is "All men do it." The disclaimer reads as follows: "The views and opinions by Kristoff in the film that all men eat their boogers are solely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The Walt Disney Company or the filmmakers. Neither The Walt Disney Company nor the filmmakers make any representation of the accuracy of any such views and opinions."
  • Kristoff's involvement in the film's opening was used to connect his story and ties with Anna early in the film, as it was her actions (accidentally becoming injured and having to visit the trolls) that led to Kristoff finding a permanent family. This would later reciprocate with Kristoff aiding Anna in her quest to rekindle her bond with Elsa.[4][5]

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