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Kira Starr is a recurring character in Season two of Austin & Ally. She is the daughter of Jimmy Starr, the owner of Starr Records. In "Girlfriends & Girl Friends", she will most likely date Austin.


Kira Starr is first introduced in Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath. She plays Austin's love interest in a music video, but she has horrible breath. Austin doesn't want to kiss her because of that. She is appearing in the next episode, and thinks Austin and Ally like each other. She is also one of three love interests of Austin in Season 2.


  • Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath
  • Girlfriends & Girl Friends
  • Campers & Complications
  • Chapters & Choices
  • Partners & Parachutes
  • Tracks & Trouble
  • Tunes & Trials
  • Beach Clubs & BFFS (Last Appearance)


  • She has funky breath.
  • Her bad breath could be the result of her eating habits. For example, in Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath, she ate a garlic and anchovy pizza.
  • She was once stuck in a hamster ball, along with Ally.
  • Kira was also stuck on a Ferris wheel with Austin.
  • She thinks that Austin and Ally like each other.
  • She once had a cat that she sung to every night until it ran away. 
  • Austin calls her flawless, although that was before he smelled her breath.
  • In "Girlfriends & Girl Friends," Austin attempts to "woo" Kira over.
  • She's scared of heights.
  • She had a cat named Mr. Whiskers that ran away.
  • When she turned 6 Jimmy gave her a new cat to replace Mr. Whisker.
  • Dez knows why Kira's cat ran away because of her bad breath. 
  • She's been playing the guitar since she was 4.

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