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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack
Kingdom Hearts 3D Original Soundtrack Cover
Released April 18, 2012 (Japan)
Genre Video game soundtrack
Label Walt Disney
Running time 3:20:18
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The Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. The soundtrack was released on April 18th, 2012 in Japan.[1] Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito returned to compose the soundtrack alongside Yoko Shimomura.

Track list

Disc 1

Track Title Length Artist Composer
1"Dearly Beloved"2:43Kaoru WadaYoko Shimomura
2"Storm Diver"2:38Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
3"TWISTER -KINGDOM MIX-"4:49StephanieTakeharu Ishimoto
4"Traverse in Trance"4:54Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
5"Hand to Hand"2:31Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
6"Dream Eaters"2:58Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
7"CALLING -KINGDOM MIX-"4:04OLIVIATakeharu Ishimoto
8"UNTAMABLE"3:25Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
9"SOMEDAY -KINGDOM MIX-"4:53StephanieTakeharu Ishimoto
10"The World of Dream Drops"2:21Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
11"Le Sanctuaire"3:05Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
12"La Cloche"3:36Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
13"Sweet Spirits♡"1:33Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
14"Majestic Wings"3:46Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
15"Ever After"2:17Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
16"Wild Blue"2:54Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito

Disc 2

Track Title Length Artist Composer
1"Access the Grid"4:33Takeharu IshimotoTakeharu Ishimoto
2"Digital Domination"6:30Takeharu IshimotoTakeharu Ishimoto
3"The Nightmare"3:11Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
4"Rinzler Recompiled"3:23Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
5"Keyblade Cycle"4:55Takeharu IshimotoTakeharu Ishimoto
6"Gigabyte Mantis"3:45Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
7"The Fun Fair"3:31Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
8"Prankster's Party"2:17Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
9"Broken Reality"2:17Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
10"Ice-hot Lobster"3:15Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
11"The Dream"2:02Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
12"Ready to Rush"1:43Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
13"Dream Matchup"4:22Takeharu IshimotoTakeharu Ishimoto
14"One for All"2:55Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
15"All for One"2:50Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
16"The Flick Finalist"2:49Takeharu IshimotoTakeharu Ishimoto
17"Victor's Pride"1:28Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
18"Xigbar"1:49Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
19"Distant from You..."4:45Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
20"Sacred Distance"3:46Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
21"Deep Drop"3:35Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura

Disc 3

Track Title Length Artist Composer
1"L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto"4:34Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
2"Xehanort -The Early Years-"2:09Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
3"The Dread of Night"3:38Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
4"L'Eminenza Oscura I"4:12Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
5"L'Eminenza Oscura II"4:21Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
6"L'Impeto Oscuro"4:57Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
7"My Heart's Descent"3:02Tsuyoshi SekitoYoko Shimomura
8"The Eye of Darkness"3:17Tsuyoshi SekitoYoko Shimomura
9"Link to All"2:37Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
10"Sora"2:30Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
11"Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening-"8:56Kaoru WadaYoko Shimomura
12"Symphony No.6 "Pastoral" Op.6"9:08Nobuko TodaLudwig van Beethoven
13"L'Apprenti Sorcier"10:57Nobuko TodaPaul Dukas
14"The Nutcracker Suite Op. 71"9:56Nobuko TodaPyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
15"A Night on the Bare Mountain"4:18Nobuko TodaModest Mussorgsky

Notes and references

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