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Tangean King

King Nova is a character on Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. He is Mira Nova's father, voiced by John O'Hurley


King Nova is overprotective of his daughter and hates that she has chosen to work at Star Command instead of being a proper princess. Like other Tangean Royals, he has a superiority complex and believes the Tangeans are superior to every other race and enjoys taking opportunities to show Tangean superiority such as restricting use of a telepathically controlled ship to Mira. He also does not get along well with Buzz Lightyear though he did once quietly thanked Buzz for his help in stopping the plot of his aide Lord Angstrom from using the Tangean Grounders to overthrow him, though this was something that he was very reluctant to do.

Despite his flaws, he deeply cares for Mira and helps out in bringing Mira out of a debilitating energy addiction, which he himself once went through in his younger years (despite that he almost got his wish of getting her back due to Mira's actions had Buzz not covered for Mira).

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