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King Lars is a character who appears in the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor. He is the ruler of the Kingdom of Maarswik.



King is a club bookie. He is very kind as shown when he warns Elena that King Hector can be difficult. He is shown to be used to following Hector's lead to the point where he can be meek. However, this is not to the point of being stupid as shown when he finally stood up to Hector. He is also shown to love Avaloran Chocolate.

Role in the Series

King Lars makes his debut in "Royal Retreat".

King Lars first appears when Elena arrives at King Hector's Royal Retreat. Lars warns Elena that King Hector is difficult. When they get to the Sitting Room, Elena takes out her Royal Gifts: Avaloran Chocolate. Lars is delighted, since he loves Avaloran Chocolate, but Hector reminds him that gifts are given out at the end of the Retreat and shows his gift this year: a Sea Blaster, a ship he claims is indestructible. Suddenly, they see a Marposa attacking King Raja's ship. Hector orders an attack planned while Elena goes to warn her family. Later, Elena comes back and tells them that the Marposa is just a baby looking for it's mother. Hector refuses to listen and tells the others he will not give them the Sea Blasters he promised if they say they agree with Elena stating "If you want those ships, you'll do what I say." which makes Lars cave. Hector captures the baby and reveals he just wants it for his aquarium. When this makes the mother Marposa attack the ship, Lars tells Hector they should let the baby go but Hector refuses and once again threatens to not give them their own Sea Blasters. When Elena reappears, Lars does nothing to stop her from freeing the Marposas and leaves with her to Elena's Royal Retreat where he enjoys the Avaloran Chocolate she brought.

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