King David is a musical, sometimes described as a modern oratorio, with a book and lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Alan Menken. The musical is based on Biblical tales from the Books of Samuel and 1 Chronicles, as well as the text from David's Psalms.


King David is mostly sung-through with little dialogue, and the music swings from pop to jazz to grand choral arrangements with a large orchestra and a large choir.


  • Roger Bart – Jonathan
  • Stephen Bogardus – Joab
  • Anthony Galde – Absalom
  • Judy Kuhn – Michal
  • Marcus Lovett – David
  • Alice Ripley – Bathsheba
  • Peter Samuel – Samuel
  • Martin Vidnovic – King Saul
  • Bill Nolte – Goliath
  • Timothy Shew – Abner
  • Timothy Robert Blevins – Agag
  • Peter C. Ermides – Uriah
  • Michael Goz – Jesse
  • Daniel James Hodd – Young Solomon
  • Kimberly JaJuan – Abishag
  • Dylan Lovett – Young Absalom


Act I
  • Prologue – David, Bathsheba, Young Solomon, Joab and Chorus



  • The Enemy Within – Saul and Chorus
  • There is a View... – Joab, Abner, Saul and Chorus
  • Psalm 8 – David
  • Genius from Bethlehem – Saul, David, Abner, Joab, Jonathan and Michal


  • The Valley of Elah – Goliath, Abner, Joab, David, Saul and Soldiers
  • Goliath of Gath – Goliath, David, Joab, Soldiers and Chorus
  • Sheer Perfection – Joab, Saul, David and Michal


  • Saul Has Slain His Thousands – Joab and Chorus
  • You Have It All – Saul, Jonathan and David
  • Psalm 23 – Saul and David
  • You Have It All/Sheer Perfection (Reprises) – Jonathan, Joab, Michal and David


Act II

David The King

  • This New Jerusalem – David, Absalom, Voice of Jonathan, Joab and Chorus
  • David and Michal – David, Joab and Michal
  • The Ark Brought to Jerusalem – David and Chorus
  • Never Again – Michal and David


  • How Wonderful the Peace – Absalom, Joab, David and Chorus
  • Off Limits - Bathsheba, David and Joab
  • Warm Spring Night – David
  • When in Love – Bathsheba
  • Uriah's Fate Sealed - David, Joab, Bathsheba and Chorus
  • Atonement – David, Ghosts of Saul & Samuel, Bathsheba and Chorus


  • The Caravan Moves On – Joab, Absalom, David, Ghosts of Saul & Samuel and Men
  • Death of Absalom – Joab and Absalom
  • Absalom My Absalom – David

David's Final Days

  • Solomon – Solomon, Joab, David and Bathsheba
  • David's Final Hours – Michal, David, Joab, Bathsheba, Voices of Goliath, Saul, Jonathan & Samuel and Chorus
  • The Long Long Day – David
  • This New Jerusalem (Reprise) – Solomon and Company


A concert version, produced by Disney Theatrical Productions and André Djaoui and directed by Mike Ockrent, was presented as the inaugural production at Disney's newly renovated New Amsterdam Theatre (the former home of the Ziegfeld Follies), playing for a nine-performance limited run on May 15 through 23, 1997. The cast included Roger Bart, Stephen Bogardus, Judy Kuhn, Alice Ripley, Martin Vidnovic, and Michael Goz, with Marcus Lovett in the title role. The piece ran two hours and 45 minutes and was only partially staged.

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