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"Kinderlumper" is a song from the "Der Kinderlumper" sung by Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Originally sung by his mother to him, it tells the Drusselsteinian fairy tale of the ferocious Kinderlumper, who takes misbehaving children and puts them in his gundersack. A version presenting the Kinderlumper as a positive figure is partially sung by Roger later in the episode; this version was also taught by their mother.


Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Der Kinderlumper's probably gonna get ya
'Cause you've only ever been an awful kid
Pretty soon he's gonna come and catch ya
Then everyone will know just what you did
If you make some bubbles in the bathtub
If you've got saliva in your mouth
If you ever feel the need to blink your eyeballs
If he finds you breathing in and out
Der Kinderlumper's gonna get ya
Der Kinderlumper's gonna get ya
If you ever drink a glass of water
If you turn your head just slightly to the right
If you ever feel the need to use the bathroom
Then Der Kinderlumper's gonna strike tonight!
Der Kinderlumper's gonna get ya
Der Kinderlumper's gonna get ya!
Der Kinderlumper's gonna get ya
Der Kinderlumper's gonna get ya!
He's gonna get you good!
Der Kinderlumper's gonna get ya!

Roger's version

Roger: The Kinderlumper's always going to love you And bring you lots of presents while you sleep...

Background information

  • The song is styled after the Hi-De-Ho man himself, Cab Calloway, specifically, his signature tune "Minnie the Moocher".
  • Second disney song made in a Cab Calloway style ("Friend Like Me ")
  • The song is jazz themed
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