Kim Possible Game
Kim Possible Game board

Kim Possible Game is a board game made my Hasbro.

Game Play

There are two versions of the game you can play: The Basic version for younger children and beginners, and The Advanced version for children wanting more challenge. In the Basic version, each player is given "A Mission" to complete. To win the game, you must complete your mission, obtaining four cards from four different regions of the board, and then capture Dr. Drakken.

The best feature of the game is this: You do not have a single playing piece throughout the game. The players must use a spinner to determine whether they will be using Kim, Ron, or Rufus on each turn. On one turn, you might be able to move the Kim Possible piece next to a card you need for your mission. On your next turn, you might spin Ron and not be able to use the Kim piece -- or perhaps another player will spin Kim and move her away. Meanwhile, if you spin Dr. Drakken, you can move him to random spots on the board, keeping him away from other players who might be ready to capture him.

In the advanced version, walls are added to the board, so that you cannot move as freely from region to region. Also, the cards are not as easy to acquire. Once you have found a mission card, you must roll a specific number on a die in order to keep it. Kim has the die with the best numbers; Rufus has the weakest die. In the end, you must roll a 4 to capture Drakken. (If you are trying to get him with Rufus, good luck!) Moving more than one piece into the space with your mission card or Drakken improves your chances, since you can add up the dice rolls, but remember, the other players will be "stealing" your players on their turns, possibly moving them away from where you want them.