Khary Payton is an American actor and voice actor known for his voice characterizations in animated cartoons, having voiced Cyborg in Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! and Aqualad in Young Justice. Recently, he appeared on a recurring basis as Dr. Terrell Jackson on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He also has a recurring role as King Ezekiel on AMC's The Walking Dead.[1]

For Disney, he voiced Slapmaster in The Proud Family and is voicing Rafiki in the Disney Junior show The Lion Guard (currently replacing Robert Guillaume after his death in 2017). He also played Roger the Director in Hannah Montana and Director Kaz Ridley in I'm in the Band. He also voiced Barley in Sofia the First. He is also voicing Wasabi in the Big Hero 6 TV series and the upcoming video game, Kingdom Hearts III (replacing Damon Wayans Jr.).

Disney Roles