Her babies! Kevin's a girl?
―Russell realizing Kevin's gender

Kevin is a giant bird and one of the two tritagonists of Disney/Pixar's 2009 animated film, Up. She is the main target of Charles Muntz's hunt in South America. Due to Russell's mistake of determining her gender, he named her "Kevin" after they met. Her vocal effects were provided by movie director Pete Docter.


Despite not being able to talk, Kevin has a very strong personality. She, like most animals, is friendly to those who have been friendly to her, but she will act hostile when she felt threatened, such as screeching at Carl Fredricksen when they first met, and she openly tried to attack Dug, pinning him down and screeching at him, her feathers rising in agitation. However, she can be playful and affectionate, such as gently tossing Russell into the air and nuzzling him affectionately, or mimicking Carl when he tried to shoo her away. She is also very curious, as seen when she tried eating balloons and Carl's cane.



Kevin is a giant bird of the species that Charles F. Muntz has been searching for many years.

Russell, who finds the bird along the way, immediately decides to name it "Kevin", though it is revealed that Kevin is actually a female (Russell still calls her "Kevin" long after the fact).

Apparently, Kevin also likes chocolate as she keeps trying to take a bite out of Russell's chocolate bar and can be lured using chocolate.

By the end of the movie, Kevin returns to her three babies.

Dug's Special Mission

Kevin appears in Dug's short as a supporting character.


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  • Even though Kevin is a female, she shares many traits with male birds.
    • Her appearance is based on the male Himalayan Monal pheasant.
    • She is a large ratite bird, the family that includes ostriches, emus and rheas, and in all of those species, the fathers help raise the chicks, in the case of the South American rhea, the male takes on full responsibility of his chicks.
    • And also, only the male birds of paradise are colorful like Peafowls.
  • Because of the fact that Kevin is abnormally large, she might be one of a species of large prehistoric birds. Her possible species could be a Phorusrhacos or Kelenken (an even larger cousin of Phorusrhacos), commonly referred to as "Terror Birds". However, both are carnivores, unlike Kevin, who seems to be an omnivore or vegetarian.
  • Her body structure also resembles an extinct species of bird called the Moa.

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