Kenji is a character in Disney's The Ugly Dachshund. He is Mr. Toyama's nephew and assistant.

Role in the film

Kenji is first seen arriving with his boss/uncle, Mr. Toyama in their car at the Garrison's home for they have planned an Oriental bacchanal for their friends; apparently earlier than expected. Kenji is introduced to Mrs. Garrison by his uncle as his uncle explains the reason for his earliness as "there is much to be done." But Fran and her husband, Mark haven't finished breakfast yet so, she suggests they start at the back first.

Later, Kenji is heard screaming: "Rion!" and hanging on a tree in the garden as he watches his Uncle Toyama lie on the ground (or in other words, "play dead") with a "rion" on him when in fact, it's only one of the Garrisons' dogs, Brutus the Great Dane mistaken for a lion. Mr. Toyama asks them to take him away and finds it hard to believe he's actually a dog despite Fran assuring him otherwise. When he hears Brutus barking, he lies on the ground again; thinking it's the only way to "fool a wild beast." So, the Garrisons decide to keep Brutus tied up somewhere during the party. Kenji then shows more fear when Mark tricks him with word "rion" to prove that Brutus would never hurt anyone.

At the party, Kenji is told by his uncle to take off his hat while serving food to the guests. Later, when Mr. Toyama sees him eating rather than working, he scolds at him in Japanese.

Later, when Brutus breaks free from his bonds and chases Chloe, one of the Dachsies, for having stolen his bone, Kenji shouts: "Rion!" again after getting splatted with cake on his face by Brutus, thus, prompting his uncle to "play dead" again while he tries to stop Brutus from causing a mess at the party but to no avail.

The next morning, Mr. Toyama calls Fran and tells her that neither he nor Kenji are coming to clean up the mess and that their "junk" is now the Garrisons'.



  • "Rion!" is the only "English" word Kenji pronounces in the movie. Throughout the rest of the movie, he only speaks plain Japanese with his Uncle Toyama.
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