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"Keep 'em Guessing" is a song sung by Mushu/Eddie Murphy in the Disney animated film Mulan. The song was recorded and intended to be part of the film but never added to the movie. The creators were very fond of the song and wanted it to be Mushu's intro to Mulan. Since Mushu was a big character they decided the movie needed a song that said something about who he was. Ultimately, the creators decided that Eddie Murphy could show who he was in only a few words and the song was scrapped.


Mushu: [Singing]

You're headin' for disaster,

But I'm your one best chance.

Though, miss, you are miscast

I'll show you how to show,

Who wears the pants.

I'm smoother than ginseng.

I'll teach you attitude.

An act that's so convincing,

They'll think you're a dude.

You're an odd one, mademoiselle,

And your story doesn't gel,

But if they don't ask, don't tell.

Keep 'em guessing!

Let me lead you to the fun of

Camouflaging what you're one of,

'Cause their business, it is none of!

Keep 'em guessing!

Mushu: [Speaking]

"So how we're doing?

We're a team right?

Like Yin and Yang?

Ping and Pong?

Beef and Broccoli?"

Mulan: [Speaking]

"...I don't know.

I probably won't make it into camp,

let alone the battle field."

Mushu: [Singing]

You think that you don't need me,

But doll, you're in a jam.

I'll train you to mislead,

To walk the walk,

We'll both pull off this scam.

I'm ready to coach you.

Let's start with your physique.

Before I'm through,

They'll vote you He-Man of the week.

Take it from the one who's wise!

Pull the silk over their eyes,

With some little off-white lies.

Keep 'em guessing!

Honey, listen to ol' Mushu,

Like a cricket they would 'squoosh' you

Shut your mouth, they'll mainly bruise you.

Keep 'em guessing!

Well if the girl you are does not show

You won't set off the alarms.

If I can make you mucho macho,

Who's to know that you're a babe,

In arms?

Though I'm not the type to brag,

This charade is in the bag,

And reality's a drag.

Keep 'em guessing!

Sweetcakes, never say surrender,

I can make you a contender.

Get you through this gender bender.

Keep em' guessing!

When the truth is too depressing,

When it's with their minds they're messing,

Read my lips and heed my lesson!

Keep em' guessing!

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