Katie Warren is the love interest of Luke Davenport in Disney's 1996 film First Kid.

Role in the film

Katie first appears in the classroom at The Georgetown Academy on the first day of school, with Luke right beside her. She falls in love with him as does he to her too. At one point, she asks him if he would like to join her and her friends to go to the movies, which he admits that he can't because needs permission from his parents, who are away, to leave the White House. Later, she invites him to her birthday party at a roller rink, though she doubts that he will come because of the same reason. He secretly goes to the party in disguise, but while there, several kids mess around with Luke's protector, Sam Simms, who is disguised as a mascot, causing him to skid into a wall and topple over Katie's birthday cake.

Soon, with help from Sam, Luke asks Katie to the school dance, which she accepts. On that night, they both dance, which Luke gets help from Sam on how to by dancing with Luke's teacher. However, he soon gets found out by the White House and taken back, while Katie allows him to call her sometime.