Katarina Kodorofsky is a character from Mickey Mouse comics created by writer Byron Erickson. She is a Russian spy who has worked with Mickey a few times.



Katarina is very experienced in her profession and initially sees herself as above working with amateurs like Mickey. She generally warms up to the Mouse's help despite still seeing him as an amateur however. She is a claustrophobic and it's only through Mickey's pep talk that she is willing to enter a hidden tunnel system in Egypt.


Katarina first appeared in Claws of the Cat, assigned to destroy a jade statue of a cat that was at the root of a Chinese gang war started by a criminal named Hang Tung. But she couldn't bear to destroy such a beautiful piece of art and hid it within the collection of billionaire Shaun Funning. However, when the net bubble burst and ruined Shaun's fortune, he was forced to auction off much of his collection to reclaim some riches, including the jade statue, which Katarina knew would bring out the mobsters. Growing suspicious at the auction, Mickey waited into the night to catch Katarina when she was sneaking in, but ended up ruining her attempt to destroy the statue, with it falling into the hands of Hang Tung's men. The two pursue the mobsters to the docks and retrieve the statue, but instead of destroying it, Katarina allows Mickey to give it to Minnie, who wanted the statue to go with her collection of glass hedgehogs.

Katarina makes a return appearance in Catch as Cat Can where she is going after a corrupt Egyptologist stealing antiquities from museums around the globe.

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