Kamp Kikakee is a summer camp featured in the Touchstone

Pictures film Ernest Goes to Camp.


The Camp is built on Native American lands. The land is still owned by.Chief St. Cloud. A mining company run by the ruthless Sherman Krader has its sights on Kikakee, a site rich with the fictional mineral petrocite. However, Chief St. Cloud refuses to sell. Krader manipulates Ernest P. Worrell, one of the few people who speaks the chief's language, into convincing St. Cloud to sign away the land, believing it to be a conservation petition. Using Ernest as an interpreter, St. Cloud signs the deed away. Nurse St. Cloud, tries to talk Ernest out of doing anything rash until she can get a lawyer. She firmly believes that they can win the case if they can get to court, but Ernest objects, knowing that by the time they can get to a hearing, Krader will already be tearing down the camp for a strip mine.