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"Kabaret Finale" was the closing song of the former Kitchen Kabaret show at Epcot. All of the show's characters returned to the stage for a final appearance.


Bonnie Appetite:
We'd like to thank you all for listening to us
We hope you understand good nutrition's a must
Think of variety in balanced amounts
This is good for your health and that is all that counts

Miss Cheese:
Think of our commentary

Miss Yogurt:
And the foods from the dairy

Miss Ice Cream:
Hey, it's not hard to imagine

Mr. Dairy Goodz:
That we'll always be in fashion.

The Cereal Sisters:
Hey, good people, have you heard?
Breads and cereals are the word
Tell your friends we have arrived
This group is hip to the jive

Hamm and Eggz:
Just remember with each meal
Meats are such a tasty deal

Say goodbye to his bad jokes

'Cause we're going up in smoke, folks

Colander Combo and Fiesta Fruit:
Ole amigos! Don't forge
Veggie fruit fruit are a good bet
You'll enjoy us at each meal
Because we have appeal

Bonnie Appetite:
Now you've heard my friends
They won't lead you astray
When you balance up their acts
Meal time blues will go away

Mayonnaise Jar: Alright, gang. Take it on home!

Proper foods each time you dine
Can keep you fit and feeling fine
Eating right's a healthy sign
And feeling good makes each day shine and shine