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Not to be confused with Kazar, the main villain from Disney's The Wild.

Ka-Zar hails from the Savage Land. He appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man episode "The Savage Spider-Man".

Ka-Zar was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.


Ultimate Spider-Man

Ka-Zar teams up with Spider-Man and Wolverine to save Zabu from Kraven the Hunter and Taskmaster when Spider-Man comes looking to recruit him to the New Warriors. Ka-Zar uses various hand-made weapons including a spear, bowie knives and wrist mounted weapons with retractable blades. Spider-Man assists him in rescuing Zabu. In this show, Ka-Zar has difficulty surviving in the city, much like how Spider-Man isn't used to the Savage Land. After Kraven the Hunter's defeat, Ka-Zar and Zabu join the New Warriors. In the episode "New Warriors", Ka-Zar gains an upgraded version of his wrist weapons along with a bo staff.


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