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The ever-doomed (Worthless) Junkyard Cars are a group of scrapped cars in The Brave Little Toaster. They appear during the song "Worthless". Due to their "worthless" state they were all sent to the junkyard where they would be taken by the Giant Magnet to Crusher then killed.

The Toaster and his fellow appliances witnessed these cars' demise and they and Rob ("the Master") were almost victims of the same fate as well. The Junkyard Cars include not only the (Simple) Sedan, the Convertible, the Tan Car, the Gray Car, the Chevrolet Corvette (possibly named "Chevrolet"), the Indy Car, the Yellow (Wedding) Limo, the Purple Hearse, the Wood-sided Wagon, the Pickup and the Bus, but also many others, too, even as chorus members.


  • In the Hungarian dub, the Hearse and the Tan Car are female.
  • In the Russian dub, the Indy Car and the Tan Car are female.
  • In the T.V. and VHS/DVD Icelandic dub, the Wood-sided Wagon is male. 
  • In the VHS/DVD Icelandic dub, the Corvette has a very masculine voice.
  • In the Brazilian Portugese dub, the Hearse is female, the Wood-Sided Wagon is male and the Tan Car is female.
  • In the Danish dub, the Wood-Sided Wagon is male.
  • In the Serbian dub, the Yellow Limo is male.
  • In the Bulgarian dub, only the first five spoken cars have the same actor.
  • In the German dub, the Indy Car has a very feminine voice.
  • In the Latin Spanish dub, the Tan Car is female.
  • In the Hebrew and Dutch DVD dubs, the Indy Car is female.
  • In the Japanese dub, the Indy Car and Chevrolet have the same voice-actor.
  • In the Icelandic dub, the Wood-sided Wagon mentions Heidmork, a popular recreational area in Iceland.


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