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The Junkshop Appliances are supporting characters who appear in The Brave Little Toaster at Elmo St. Peters' Parts Shop. They appear during the "It's a 'B' Movie" song.


The Brave Little Toaster

They are a collection of appliances in various states of disrepair picked up by Elmo St. Peters to his parts shop. When Lampy asks Hanging Lamp about escaping, which after he responds to the Junkshop Appliances about that, he finds that hilarious. The Junkshop Appliances laugh as well, also finding that hilarious, and then, they, Hanging Lamp, Toaster and his gang, each make their own protest as an answer to the question, by singing "It's a 'B' Movie" (including Lampy, who has somehow learned the answer). However, after the main characters rescue their friend Radio from getting his radio tubes out and about to be bought to Zeke (returning for them) by Elmo St. Peters by scaring him out cold (which is Lampy's idea), the announcer from the Megaphone calls out a jailbreak to the other Junkshop Appliances. Then, the Refrigerator breaks the door open with Quadruped protecting it, and he and the other Junkshop Appliances escaped from Elmo's private room to the rest of the Parts Shop to the outside of it, and they returned to their masters' homes, as Toaster and his friends retrieve Radio and flee to the city.

Some of the Junkshop Appliances make cameo appearances in The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars.

The Junkshop Appliances include:

  • An electric megaphone
  • An old T.V.
  • A(n old) waffle iron
  • An old lamp
  • A cassette player
  • A reel-to-reel tape recorder
  • A popcorn maker
  • A mechanical fan
  • A pencil sharpener


  • The model sheet of the Cassette has the Tape's name on it written on it instead of his.
  • The Junkshop Appliances are the inspiration for the reject bots from WALL-E.
  • In the book, the Cassette appears in the dump sequence. It is described as "mad" and "old", as a result of witnessing deaths.


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