Julius is a character from the Alice Comedies. As Alice's cartoon sidekick, Julius was the first major re-occurring character created by Disney, pre-dating Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse.


Julius is a sharp and mischevious cat. He is sometimes shown as very strong and violent, principally when he fights Peg Leg Pete. He seems to be close to Alice, and is very protective of her.

Although protective of Alice, he is also a rapscallion and usually the one to wind the two into serious trouble. In some cartoons, such as Alice Gets Stung he is shown to be fairly sadistic towards some of the minor characters, such as a bear he and Alice shoot at for fun. In Alice's Orphan he rescues a woman from drowning, but upon seeing she is ugly, shoves her back into the water and closes off her means of escape.

Physical Appearance

In his earlier appearances, he is a long black cat with a white stomach and white paws. In his later appearances, his design is simplified, he appears rounder, and his white fur is absent. Although his height is somewhat inconsistent, he is usually of around 3 feet high.


Alice Comedies

Julius appears in several cartoons of this series, and often fights Peg Leg Pete to protect Alice. He becomes more prmoinant in the later cartoons, and eventually becomes the main focus.


  • Julius the Cat appearance is similar in design to Felix the Cat.