Julie Kane is the Burners' infiltration expert and Abraham Kane's daughter, though only her friend Claire knows about her double life. Her ride is 9 Lives. She appeared as one of the female protagonists in the Disney XD animated series, Motorcity. She is voiced by Kate Micucci.


Julie is a passionate and caring, but secretive girl. She is very patient with people, which allows her to see the best in the worst everyone. She's clever and good with people, and can bypass top information with her security clearance and ability to handle others. She is far more empathetic than her father, and cares about others and their well-being. Her conflicting ideals have forced her to hide who she is from her father, as well as the Burners.


Julie is the shortest of the Burners as well as the only girl in the group. She has light skin and long red hair similar to her father's, though hers is much darker. She typically wears a light green t-shirt under a black vest and dark green jeans with knee-high white boots. When she's in Deluxe she wears similar clothing in the standard Deluxe colors like white, silver and light blue.


It's unclear how Kane's daughter ended up running with his worst enemies.

Battle for Motorcity

She communicated with Mike to hurry and bring the fusion battery to power the East Side Gate that already shutdown, Julie prepared herself for a battle with one of KaneBots, but Mike finished them off.

Later, Julie went to Detroit Deluxe to find out more information about an announcement Kane had made. She discovered it was a trap and tried to warn the group, but was ignored. After the Burners were captured, she tricked Tooley into giving the security code that frees her friends. She later joined the others Burners to defeat Kane's robots.


Julie, like most of the Burners, is great at driving. She can handle incredible speeds, twisting roads, and sudden obstacles easily. She's also skilled at retrieving data, and knows how to use her connections with Deluxe City and KaneCo. At times of trouble she has the ability to produce nine decoy holograms not only of her car 9 Lives, but of herself as well. She also possesses an energized boomerang, capable of destroying things once it makes contact.


  • Julie is the only Burner without the Burners logo on their clothes, as it could reveal her true identity to her father.
  • Early illustrations of Julie the Burner logo on back of her vest in the same color scheme as Texas.
  • Julie loves cats.


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