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Julie the cat Gaffney
Julie "The Cat" Gaffney is a hockey player from Bangor, Maine. Julie is a goalie and wears the number 6. Julie first appeared in the film D2: The Mighty Ducks. She has the quick glove and is the team's second goalkeeper. Julie was not put into the goal until later in the movie, even after begging Coach Bombay that she wanted to play for Team USA, since she sacrificed playing with her home team this season. Coach Bombay put in her in the goal in the first match-up against Iceland to give Goldberg a break. However, she is thrown out of the game when she kicks 2 of the Iceland players in the shins for insulting her abilities as a girl. Her reputation as "The Cat" is cemented when she stops Iceland's Gunner Stahl's shot to give the Ducks the championship in the Junior Goodwill Games. She is one of the reasons the Ducks won their final games with her miracle saves. Although she is the better of the two team goalies, Julie does not become the starter until D3: The Mighty Ducks. Her personality is feisty yet friendly for she wants the team to win and to be taken seriously as a female goalie. Julie is portrayed by Colombe Jacobsen.

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