Judy Cooper is the 9-year-old robotic daughter. She is one of the main characters in K.C Undercover.

Physical Appearance

Judy is a 9 year old spy robot meant to look like a human. She often wears her hair in two afro puffs with two bows holding it up.


Judy is sarcastic, precious, and sassy. She is also funny at times. At first she had no feelings for her new family, but when K.C. gets in big trouble for failing a mission Judy is supposed to tell but pretends to have a glitch to save K.C. She starts to have feelings for the family later on in the episodes. 



  • She is not introduced until the second episode, My Sister from Another Mother... Board.
  • Judy is the first main character that is absent in the series, in the episode "Off the Grid".
  • Judy can't eat food. (mentioned in Assignment: Get That Assignment!).
  • In "K.C. and Brett: the Final Chapter Part 2", The Organization kick's K.C.'s family out and reassigns Judy to a different family, but Judy goes back to the Coopers in "Coopers Reactivated".