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Judy Cooper is the 9-year-old robotic daughter. She is one of the main characters in K.C Undercover.

Physical Appearance

Judy is a 9 year old spy robot meant to look like a human. She often wears her hair in two afro puffs with two bows holding it up.


  • She is not introduced until the second episode, My Sister from Another Mother... Board.
  • Judy is the first main character that is absent in the series, in the episode Off the Grid.
  • Judy can't eat food. (mentioned in Assignment: Get That Assignment!).
  • In "K.C. and Brett: the Final Chapter Part 2", The Organization kick's K.C.'s family out and reassigns Judy to a different family, but Judy goes back to the Coopers in "Coopers Reactivated".

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