Joyce Griff is the mother of the title character of the TV series Stanley. She is redheaded and is the one who works, as she is a dentist, revealed in "Double Duty Dad" and, to a lesser extent, "Up the Apple Tree", "Garbage Can Bandit", and "In a While, Crocodile"

It is shown in "Whole Lotta Snakin' Goin' On" that she has ophidiophobia (meaning she is afraid of snakes).

In the episode "A Boy's Best Friend is His Fish", she once sees and hears an image of Harry and Elsie dancing and singing, but dismisses the fact that it is really them.


  1. "Up the Apple Tree"
  2. "Kangaroo Clean-Up"
  3. "Bearly Awake"
  4. "The Eagle Has Landed"
  5. "Watch Out for Lionels"
  6. "Growing Pains"
  7. "Frog Legs"
  8. "Whoo's Afraid of the Dark?"
  9. "Tiger Hunt"
  10. "Monkey-Bar Business"
  11. "Camel Commotion"
  12. "There's Snow Place Like Home"
  13. "A Whale of a Song"
  14. "Sloth for a Day"
  15. "Busy, Busy Octopus"
  16. "Honest Ostrich"
  17. "Whole Lotta Snakin' Goin' On"
  18. "Platypus Problems"
  19. "Savanna-Speeders!"
  20. "Hippo Helpers"
  21. "Penguin Party"
  22. "Leave it to Beavers"
  23. "Baby Pictures"
  24. "You've Got Pigeon Mail"
  25. "Remembering With Elephants"
  26. "Garbage Can Bandit"
  27. "Sick Day Stanley"
  28. "Little Dog Lost"
  29. "Gorilla Sleepover"
  30. "Sea Lion Slip-Up"
  31. "Searching for Spring"
  32. "Worms at Work"
  33. "In a While, Crocodile"
  34. "The Color of Stanley"
  35. "A Boy's Best Friend is His Fish"
  36. "The Tooth About Teeth"
  37. "Eel-lectricity"
  38. "Roller Rhino"
  39. "Guess What's Coming for Dinner"
  40. "A Billy Goat for Dad"
  41. "Clock-a-Doodle-Do!"
  42. "It Pays to Be a Pelican"
  43. "P.U. Pup"
  44. "Mockingbird Scat"
  45. "Proud as a Peacock"
  46. "Sunburn Stanley"
  47. "Muddy Buddies"
  48. "Flashlight Fireflies"
  49. "Spelling Bee Situation"
  50. "Koala Cuddle"
  51. "Double-Duty Dad"
  52. "Look Who's Helping"