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"Journey to the Center of Mason" is the eighty-third episode overall and the fourth episode of the fourth season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


After she finds out that she will lose her powers, Alex can no longer date Mason, so they decide to try being best friends instead. After watching a film at the theaters, Harper, Alex, and Mason go home, Dean, who was Alex's Ex-Boyfriend comes and asks Alex to get back together with him. Mason gets jealous. When Dean brings a gift for Alex, Mason then asks what Alex's relationship is with Dean, and Max tells him that Dean and Alex used to date, making Mason more jealous. Mason then turns into a werewolf and eats Dean. Alex, Justin, and Max come up with a solution to turn Justin's toy Captain Jim Bob submarine big and go in it. They then shrink it and go into Mason's mouth. While there, Alex, Max, and Justin see Mason's thoughts, which are all of Alex. They get Dean out, and Alex, when Harper, Max, and Justin leave, Alex tells Dean that he was knocked out and the doctor's solution was for them all to dress up as cows. Dean then gives her his offer once again: he wants to get back with her. Alex tells him 'no', and then gets back together with Mason, with deciding to get back to the Wizard Competition.


  • Proton, neutron, get gone – Shrinks something.
  • Proton, neutron, back to one – Makes something back to normal size.

Magical objects

  • Werewolves

Guest stars

  • Daniel Samonas as Dean, Frank Pacheco as Felix and Shoshana Bush as Tyler

Special guest star

  • Gregg Sulkin as Mason

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