Joshua Matthews is the youngest member of the Matthews family. Soon after his birth, complications have appeared, to the point where Shawn came back from his road trip just to comfort Cory. He is a quite important character in the last episode, as Cory has a very serious talk with him about life, after which he comes to the conclusion that he finally understand what Boy Meets World means. He tells him that he might find a best friend like Shawn, a beautiful girl like Topanga, and that Mr. Feeny will probably teach him in every grade he ever has. This way, Cory passed on all of the knowledge he gained in his life to him, ending the series in a beautiful and touching way.


Mother: Amy Matthews
Father: Alan Matthews
Siblings: Eric Matthews (Older brother), Cory Matthews (Older brother), and Morgan Matthews (Older sister)
Grandmothers: Bernice Matthews (paternal) and Nana Boo Boo (maternal)
Grandfathers: Poppy
Aunts: An unnamed paternal aunt
Other: Riley Matthews (niece) and Auggie Matthews (nephew)

Series Info


  • He is only portrayed by Daniel Jacobs in Brave New World, otherwise he is portrayed by various babies.
  • Daniel Jacobs' appearance as him in Brave New World severely alters the continuity of the show, as he should be much younger. This is a continuity error.
  • He will play a larger role in Girl Meets World, appearing as a teenager who has a close relationship with Cory and Riley.
  • The writers of Boy Meets World, Ellen Idelson and Rob Lotterstein were responsible for making Alan and Amy Matthews having him as their fourth child and they never even explained an actual reason for it.