Joseph, although his name is never mentioned in the entirety of the film, it is pretty obvious that he is the one who buys Small One in the end of Disney's 1978 animated Christmas short film, The Small One. The line "I need a gentle donkey to carry my wife to Bethlehem." says it all.

The Small One

Joseph is seen somewhere in the end, at night, noticing a Boy and his donkey sad. He asks the Boy if Small One is for sale and the Boy says yes. Joseph asks him if he has a name and the Boy replies: "Small One". Joseph tells him that he needs a donkey to carry his pregnant wife, the Virgin Mary, to Bethlehem. The Boy and Small One agree and Small One is bought for 1 piece of silver. Joseph then promises the Boy that he and his wife will take good care of Small One, and the Boy smiles. Then, Joseph and Small One walk away and say good-bye to the Boy.

Joseph is later seen from a far distance, with his wife Mary riding on Small One, traveling to Bethlehem, not before spotting the Boy, from a far distance, and all waving at him and vice versa.

At the end, Joseph, Mary, and Small One continue traveling until a few moments later, a bright star is seen shining in the sky, to symbolize the birth of Joseph and Mary's newborn son, Jesus Christ.



  • Joseph is the earthly dad (but not father) of Jesus Christ and the husband of the Virgin Mary. In fact, part of the story, mostly the end, is based on the actual events of the birth of Christ and the beginning of his life on Earth.