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Jorge is a main character in BUNK'D.


He is a camper who has a propensity for telling fibs and is a good friend of Zuri. He is a young Hispanic boy who is Ravi's friend. It is possible that he was abducted by aliens. Jorge is a notorious fibber with lots of energy. He talks a lot and is a bit hyper. He becomes friends with Ravi, but sometimes puts him in uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous situations. The other campers don't like how often he tells lies, but are generally nice to him.


Jorge is from Denver, Colorado. He has a baby sister, a mother, a father, a grandma and a grandpa, and a crazy aunt. They are all blonde, except for him. They often fight with each other, and his mom cooks terribly. Jorge then wanted to attend Camp Kikiwaka, where he met Ravi, Xander, Emma, Lou, and Tiffany.


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