Star wars - emma and jordan taylor
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Jordan Taylor has a crush on Jessie in the episode, "Star Wars." He is portrayed by the actor, Lachlan Buchanan.

Character History

In "Star Wars," Jordan has a crush on Jessie and asks her on to a date. Although, due to Emma's schemes, he may have lost interest in her.


  • He has Amy Adams, Rachel Zoe, Prince William, and the President of the United States (Assumed Barack Obama) on his phone of contacts.
  • His code name is Rufus T. Firefly, a reference to Groucho Marx's Character in Duck Soup.
  • Ravi seems to think that he isn't a very good actor.
  • He has his own rubber duckie.
  • Emma has a crush on him, but Jordan doesn't like her back. She also thinks they're meant to be together.
  • He appears to be a bit self-centered, allowing Morgan to kiss up to him and get him to star in his movie, but is generally nice to the others, excluding Emma. He also flirts with Jessie.
  • Luke stated that he wears tighty whitey briefs, it is unknown if this is true.
  • It's unknown how he got different clothes if all his clothes were thrown at random Jordan Taylor fans.
  • He is a parody of Taylor Lautner.