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Jordan Maron (born February 10, 1992) is a commentator and actor. He is related to Disney XD because he was CaptainSparklez in Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything. He is a famous Minecrafter and has released a song called 'Minecraft Style.' It is a version of Gangnam Style, by Psy.

Jordan Maron has also been featured in one of Joseph Garrett's videos, in early 2013. He has around 9 million subscribers on YouTube, as Joseph Garrett has 7 million subscribers (as of February 2016.)

He is a voice actor.

He has worked with artists such as Adrina Thorpe, who released her debut album, Elusive, in October 2004. She worked with him on a song called "Hey CaptainSparklez" in 2011.

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