All American Boy, also known as Mr. Boy, is a minor character from the film Sky High. His first name is Jonathan.


Jonathan attended the secret super power school Sky High School. At Sky High, he attended the sidekick classes. Upon graduation, he was paired with The Commander and became his Hero Support. The Commander chose the name All American Boy for Jonathon. The Commander also chose All American Boy's Uniform and colors so it would match his own Uniform. All American Boy once saved The Commander's life. Probably soon after The Commander met and partnered with Jetstream, All American Boy stopped being the Commander's sidekick.

He now works as Hero Support teacher at Sky High. Though he tries to appear chipper and tries to inspire his students he is quite clearly unhappy and living in past glory. At some point he made and gave scrapbooks for The Commander. He is saddened that Will Stronghold didn't know who he was even though he worked with his father. He still does a little free lance Hero Support on the side.


  • Strangely, Mr. Boy's power is never shown throughout the film, leaving it unclear if he has any powers at all.
  • Though it is unclear, he does have a power, since he was made a sidekick and Nurse Spex only mentioned Ron Wilson as the only person in the school without any power.


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