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Joey, Vinnie and Bobby
Background information
Feature films Bolt
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Vinnie: Lino DiSalvo
Joey: Todd Cummings
Bobby: Tim Mertens
Performance model
Inspiration The Goodfeathers from Animaniacs
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Dumb, funny, simple-minded, kind, caring, comical, cruel (towards Mittens after Bolt attacks her)
Appearance Vinnie: Green pigeon
Joey: Blue pigeon
Bobby: Purple pigeon
Occupation Mittens' henchmen (formerly)
Alignment Good
Goal To "help" Bolt return home by getting rid of their boss
Home New York City
Allies Bolt
Enemies Mittens
Likes Food and getting rid of Mittens
Dislikes Working for Mittens
Powers and abilities
Fate Fly away while still trying to figure out who Bolt is after finally getting rid of Mittens
Quote Vinnie: "Hey Joey, do, do we go to far on this?"
Joey: "You kidding? This is the best day of my life."
Bobby: "Yeah, yeah, come on, Mittens! Tell him!"

Joey, Vinnie and Bobby are three minor characters from Disney's 2008 animated movie, Bolt. Vinnie is a green pigeon and the leader of the trio while Joey is a blue pigeon and Bobby is a purple pigeon.



After Bolt is mistakenly transferred to New York City and tries to find a way to get back home to find Penny, he accidentally gets his head stuck between bars in Central Park. As he struggles to break free, Bolt meets three pigeons: Vinnie the leader and Joey and Bobby. Vinnie helps Bolt to get out by telling him to "turn and pull" his head out. Finally, Bolt makes it. Bolt thinks the Styrofoam (as mentioned by Vinnie) on him is what "weakens him and his powers", thus, considering it "his weakness". When Bolt asks if the pigeons have seen "the man with the green eyes", the only thing they do is just try to guess who he is; stating they know and have seen him before somewhere. Despite 2 buses passing by with Bolt's wallpaper pictures on them and Bolt's continuous questioning, the pigeons fail to answer his questions and recognize him. When Bolt gives up asking questions, he decides that the only way to find Penny is to ask help from "someone close to the green-eyed man"; namely a cat.

Realizing what Bolt's after, Vinnie replies: "I think we know just the cat." The cat turns out their soon-to-be ex-boss, Mittens. After Mittens threatens to use her claws on a pigeon named Louie, who failed to bring enough food for her, and eat him even though she is declawed and therefore has no claws (however the pigeons are unaware of that fact), therefore she is bluffing, she gets her just desserts when Joey, Vinnie and Bobby trick Bolt into believing she'd aided in kidnapping Bolt's owner, Penny, in order to put an end to all the misery they've been brought up to by Mittens. As Mittens asks the pigeons to tell the "crazy canine" that he's got the wrong cat, the pigeons continue to convince Bolt that "that is definitely the right cat". When they see that Bolt is intending to drop Mittens down from a bridge to a roaring traffic unless she fails to cooperate, the pigeons gaze in shock and astonishment. Vinnie asks: "Hey Joey, do, do we go to far on this?" to which Joey replies: "You kidding? This is the best day of my life." They are later seen with Louie talking to them about what Mittens said to him 10 minutes ago as Bolt said to her about "their deal having just expired". Once Bolt and Mittens climb aboard a traveling truck, Vinnie is seen talking to his fellow pigeons; stating that he actually knows Bolt. Nevertheless, he still fails to remember; despite having stood on a giant billboard with Bolt's picture on it with his friends the whole time. As he and his friends are flying away, Joey states that "he'll remember tonight when he's breeding" to which Vinnie agrees to. Joey, Vinnie and Bobby aren't seen throughout the rest of the movie after this.


Joey, Vinnie and Bobby made a small cameo appearance on one of the towers of Rapunzel's castle home during the scene where Flynn and the Stabbington Brothers are sneaking on top of the castle to steal the lost princess' crown.


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