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Trading Faces (11)
Jim & Tim Possible
Background information
Feature films Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time
Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama
Short films
Television programs Kim Possible
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Bob Schooley
Mark McCorkle
Voice Shaun Fleming[1][2] (season 1-3)
Spencer Fox [3](season 4)
Freddie Prinze Jr.[4] (as adults in A Sitch in Time)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name James Possible (Jim)

Timothy Possible (Tim)

Other names Tweebs or Dweebs
Appearance Short, pudgy (season 1) slimmer (season 2)
Occupation Kim's annoying twin brother students
Alignment Bonnie Rockwaller
Goal To stop enemies
Home Middleton
Relatives Dr. Ann Possible (mother), Dr. James Possible (father), Jocelyn Possible, Kim Possible (sister), Slim Possible (uncle), Cousin Larry, Nana Possible (grandmother)
Allies Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Wade, Rufus, Bonnie Rockwaller
Enemies Any evil they encounter
Likes Harassing Kim, being friends with Bonnie
Dislikes Kim
Powers and abilities
Weapons Any of the weapons they have in A Sitch in Time
Quote "Hicka-bicka-boo!"

Jim Possible[5][6] and Tim Possible[7][8] are Kim Possible's younger twin brothers, whom she affectionately calls the "Tweebs" (a portmanteau of "twin" and "dweebs"). They are distinguished by the color of the shirts they wear. Tim habitually wears red, while Jim often wears green.

When they're not harassing Kim, they're making trouble with their next wacky science invention, launching rockets, or sending out screensavers of an unexpecting Kim to all of Middleton.  


Jim and Tim have not, to date, appeared apart. Their lines and actions are mostly scripted as if for a single character, and they exhibit a somewhat creepy level of synchronization. Antagonistic, anarchic and brilliant, the tweebs care little for rules and restrictions on their activities, and rebel against their older sister's attempts to rein them in. They use a set of invented slang between themselves, which is their trademark sayings: "Hicka-bicka-boo!" and "Hoo-sha!", used as a call and response interchangeably.


Kim is their older sister, whom they antagonize mercilessly. James Timothy is their father and namesake. Ann is their mother, and Nana is their grandmother. Cousin Larry, Aunt June, Slim Possible and Joss are naturally also their relatives.

Personal History

Contra Tweebs

Jim and Tim in the bad future, as seen in A Sitch in Time.

The tweebs were born sometime during Kim's pre-K year. Even at the tender age of ten, they constructed an array of amazing and often destructive devices out of the parts made available by their father's experiments. At the age of twelve, they were admitted to Middleton High School a couple of years early.


They're friends with Ron Stoppable, Rufus, and Wade. For a time they also socialized with Bonnie Rockwaller, mostly to antagonize Kim.

Talents and Skills

Child Prodigy: Jim and Tim are proven to be gifted children with a high level of IQ which they skip a grade level to Middleton High School ahead.

Genius Intellect: Their intelligence was high enough that they consistently proved smarter than children their age, students above their age, and even adults far beyond their age.

  • Mechanical & Science Engineering: Jim and Time are mechanical and scientific prodigies, as well as gifted problem solvers. They spent the bulk of their time inventing, obtaining parts by breaking down household appliances or "borrowing" their father's work materials. While many of these inventions exploded, ran wild, or were halted in progress by others, a number of them reached completion and proved far more effective than those designed by older, more experienced scientists. The twins displayed a preference for regularly practicing in their father's field of rocket science, but also had considerable talent in automobile repair, despite no known formal training in either area.

Metafictional Data

  • The boys' full names were never given in the entirety of the series, and while it makes sense they are named after their father James Timothy Possible, it is not supported by canon as to what their full names were, and just as possible "Jim" and "Tim" are not short for anything.
  • Their voice was originally provided by Shaun Fleming. Since their redesign, it has been provided by Spencer Fox, best known for voicing Dash Parr in The Incredibles.

In the German version they are called "Zwombies", a portmanteau of "Zwillinge" (twins) and Zombies.

Episode Appearances

Season One Episodes

  • "Crush" (first appearance)
  • "Tick-Tick-Tick"
  • "The New Ron"
  • "Bueno Nacho"
  • "Mind Games"
  • "Coach Possible"
  • "Pain King vs. Cleopatra"
  • "Monkey Fist Strikes"
  • "October 31st"
  • "All the News"
  • "The Twin Factor"

Season Two Episodes

  • "Grudge Match"
  • "Job Unfair"
  • "The Golden Years"
  • "The Fearless Ferret"
  • "Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time"
  • "Day of the Snowmen"
  • "A Very Possible Christmas"
  • "Blush"
  • "Oh Boyz"
  • "Sick Day"
  • "The Truth Hurts"
  • "Mother's Day"
  • "Motor Ed"

Season Three Episodes

Season Four Episodes

  • "Trading Faces"
  • "The Big Job"
  • "Car Alarm"
  • "Mad Dogs and Aliens"
  • "Grande Size Me"
  • "Clothes Minded"
  • "Big Bother"
  • "Clean Slate"
  • "Graduation"



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