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Jenny Majorheely
Jennifer "Jenny" Majorheely is a 16-year-old girl. She once dated T.J. Taylor, but he turned her into an middle-aged woman. Alex turned her back into a teenager and made her promise not to tell anyone. She knows Alex's secret and has a weird squeal, which annoys Harper. She is in the Happy Helpers Club. The character's last name is a pun on the I Dream of Jeannie character Major (Roger) Healey.

She's portrayed by Gilland Jones and her middle-aged self, due to T.J. changing her, was portrayed by Heidi Swedberg.

As a 40-year-old woman, she poses as an art teacher at Tribeca Prep, but during one class, she noticed that Alex seemed to be uncannily fast at cleaning up after class, and suspected that she is actually a wizard, just like T.J. She confronted Alex about this, and was turned back into a teenager on the condition that she doesn't tell anyone that the Russos are a family of wizards.

As a teenager, Jenny has a very high-pitched squeal that she emits very often, which Alex and Harper found rather annoying upon turning her back, and suspect that it may have been one of the reasons why T.J. couldn't stand her anymore.


  • Art Teacher
  • Alex Does Good


  • She is in the Happy Helpers Club.
  • Her character's last name is a pun on the I Dream of Jeannie character Major (Roger) Healey.
  • According to Alex, when she's 16, she has a very annoying voice.
  • Apparently, as a teen, she could text 50 words a minute without looking, ate lip gloss like it was candy, and if she could dress like she was going to the beach every day she would, which, according to Alex, she believes that sounds more like a 14 year old instead of 16.


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