Jenna is a character in Max Keeble's Big Move. She is one of the people on Max's newspaper delivery route, and his crush. She is taller and likely older than Max.

Role in the film

Jenna first appears during Max's dream sequence in the beginning of the film. He manages to deliver her paper after evading the Evil Ice Cream Man. She is just about to kiss Max when the Evil Ice Cream Man arrives and ends up blasting her face with one of his ice cream pellets when the dream ends.

Jenna's first on-screen appearance is shortly after Max's life science class is dismissed for the day. He is knocked down by being hit by the door while mesmerized with her beauty, and she then asks if he is okay. She does not initially remember who he is until he tells her that she is on his newspaper delivery route. After some exchanges, they part ways, with him claiming that he plays the bassoon in response to learning that she plays the clarinet (specifically the first chair), although he leaves out that he does not actually bring the bassoon specifically because he wants to be cool. When band class comes around, Jenna and Megan met, to which the meeting is sour due to telling Megan to get off of her chair.

Later on, Jenna invites Max to a milkshake party at Buddy's, when he is trying to get to his friend's house for a going away party in his honor (he is going to move to Chicago). He says no at first, saying he has to go there, but she starts flirting with him, eventually bending down to him and saying, "one milkshake." He ultimately accepts with one milkshake. While walking, she puts her arm around him. At the party, however, it ultimately turns out to be more than one milkshake, and he tells her and her friends that Chad (the animal that pounced on Principal Elliot T. Jindrake after he attempted to halt a food fight and humiliated him in front of the superintendent) is actually a chimpanzee and not a monkey, and mentions that he has "phatitude."

The next day, after Principal Jindrake makes his announcement to disband art, music, P.E., and pretty much everything fun as a result of Max's hijinx, Jenna denies ever liking him, viewing him only as a paperboy when her friend tells her irritably that he got them into trouble.

After the students manage to get rid of the bullies, Jenna offers Max to come to a party that her friends are having (although also noting to Megan that it is only for ninth graders besides him), but he turns it down.