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Jelly Otter is the middle child of the three Otter kids, Peanut and Baby Butter. Her best friend is Pinch. Jelly is an idea person and loves to help out her friends. She is usually the one that suggests doing a "Noodle Dance" and is often the one to come up with ideas. Jelly is somewhat sporty and enjoys a variety of sports. She can also sometimes be girly, but usually leaves the really girly stuff, such as pretty lace or bows, to Pinch. Jelly's normal tendencies are to be kind and caring, though she can sometimes let her achievements go to her head, such as in "The Singin' Kid." Peanut also calls her "Jell".

She sings off-key in "The Singing Kid". Her voice is very sweet and she's perfectly a great singer. She is 4 years old and is immensely kind.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios

  • The puppet versions of Peanut and Jelly appeared on the Playhouse Disney car during the Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade.

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