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Jay is one of Max Dennison's bullies along with Ice in Hocus Pocus.


Jay and Ice steal Max's shoes when Max says he does not have cash or bud for them. Jay later steals candy from trick-or-treaters with Ice. At the beginning of trick-or-treating, Max confronts the bullies once again. This time, they ask him about his costume which happens to be a "Little Leaguer" as referred by Max's sister, Dani. The Sanderson Sisters later abduct the two bullies and who them up in cages from the ceiling in their cottage after Mary smells the shoes worn by Ice. Jay refers the sisters as "chicks" at that same moment. After the Sanderson Sisters disappear off the face of the earth at dawn, both Jay and Ice are still in cages at the cottage. They sing songs including "Row, Row, Your Boat" to fill in time before any citizen of Salem will release them from their imprisonment.


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