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Jason Harrington is a teenager who checked into the Tipton Hotel in the episode "Maddie Checks In" of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. He was portrayed by James Snyder.


Jason and his family check into the Tipton and Jason immediately falls in love with Maddie Fitzpatrick due to their similar interests. Jason is very big on recycling and even tells his best friend, Kyle to recycle his can. The Harrington family is very rich, due to his father, George Harrington being owner of a corporation that chops down trees. He becomes fooled by Maddie that she is also rich. When he is about to leave the hotel, he gives Maddie a goodbye kiss. When it is revealed that the Harrington family will stay another night, they kiss again. He is very forgiving when he finds out the truth that Maddie is not wealthy.


Jason has spiky blond hair. He wears casual but expensive clothes.

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