James is the deuteragonist from the 2014 Disney animated short Feast. He is Winston's master.


One day, James met the stray dog Winston on the other end of a French fry. The film follows their growing friendship over a 12-year span based on the meals (some accidentally spilled) they eat — all seen from Winston's point of view. But one day, a woman named Kirby enters James' life.

Kirby tried to help him and Winston adopt a healthier lifestyle. While James accepted the change, Winston was less than receptive. This continued until Kirby broke up with James. Heartbroken, he sought comfort in junk food which initially delighted Winston.

Once Winston saw how depressed James was (holding a piece of parsley and staring at it), he decided to win her back and ran to the steakhouse where Kirby worked. James ran after Winston and was about to take him home when Kirby reconciled with him and eventually married him, having a son and a daughter.