Mrs. J. Crowfoot Dryskin of Turkeyneck-On-The-Mowhawk is an anthropomorphic female dog created by Carl Barks. She appeared in 1966's Donald Duck comic The Beauty Business.



Mrs Crowfoot Dryskin is an elderly and grumpy woman. She is described by Donald Duck as one of the richest women in Duckburg, and also the greatest fear of all the estheticians in Duckburg, as she is inexpressibly ugly, and desperately wants to be the prettiest woman in town. She ofted acts very striclty towards the estheticians she encounters, and insists that they make they as beautiful as possible. When Donald has opened his own beauty parlor, she is one of his customers. 



After her make-over.

She is an extremely skinny, hunchback and old female dog, without fur, and with a lot of wrinkles.

However, after receiving a make-over from Donald, she looks younger, has longer hair and no wrinkles.