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Isabella " Izzy " Fuentes is one of Tripp Campbell's best friends who is also a huge fan of Iron Weasel among other rock bands. She is also an aspiring singer and has attempted many times to become Iron Weasel's back-up singer. Ian Magic Trip she tried many times to show to Vic Blaylock (Iron Weasel's former manager) that she can sing, but without success. But in "Slap Goes the Weasel" Tripp has a deal with her that if she pretends to be Charles's girlfriend, he will let her audition. Iron Weasel allowed her to play one gig with them. As seen in rank Week, Izzy is not very good at pranking as she tried many times to prank Tripp, but failed. She also loves to laugh at other people's crazy dreams, mostly at Tripp's. Izzy is played by Caitlyn Taylor Love.


  • Her best friend is Tripp.
  • She can sing very well.
  • Her favorite band is Iron Weasel.
  • She hates bananas.

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