Ivy Young is a main character in the Disney XD show Mr. Young. Ivy has a younger brother, Adam Young, who is a genius. She is ashamed of her brother and thinks he is embarrassing. She has an enormous crush on Hutch Anderson. She is the queen bee of Finnegan High. She is also a reporter, along with Echo.


Ivy is one of the most popular students in Finnegan High, and is portrayed as a stereotypical popular girl: vain, shallow, and not very bright. She is also the queen bee of Finnegan High. One of her talents is texting. she seems to have the same personality and brains as her mother Rachel.

If you would like to be like her, here is how. Dye your hair blonde or keep it the same. If you choose to keep it the same, curl it at the ends. Also, copy her outfits from the show. And also be mean and sort of dumb. Last be vain shallow and pretty.