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Ivan is a cat and one of the main characters in Disney's 1946 short Peter and the Wolf, segment of the 1946 feature film Make Mine Music.



Ivan is described as a bit dumb, though he doesn't really seem to display it in the show. He is shown to be sneaky, as seen when he tries to catch Sasha, and adept at prowling as most cats are. He attempts to eat Sasha, but is stopped and berated by Peter. He is shown to have great fear of the wolf, as he panics at the first sign of him and runs to Peter, though he is brave enough to let Peter lower him down with a rope and tie it to the wolf's tail to save Sasha. He is also the only one who stays with Peter throughout the whole ordeal, with Sonia seeming to get eaten and Sasha going to find some hunters for help.


Make Mine Music

Ivan is first seen trying to eat Sasha, but Peter stops him just in time and demands him to release Sasha. Peter then berates Ivan, who seems to feel ashamed. He later accompanies Peter, Sasha, and Sonia to hunt down and capture the wolf. When Ivan suddenly notices the wolf, he panics and runs to Peter. Later, when Sonia supposedly gets eaten by the wolf, Ivan mourns with the rest of the gang. He later shows bravery when Peter lowers him down with a rope and ties it to the wolf's tail to save Sasha from getting eaten, after which Sasha goes to a wolf-hunting trio for help. Ivan can be seen in the parade with Peter at the end of the segment.


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  • Ivan is represented in the music by a clarinet.

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